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What do you think about fediverse projects having a mutual aid healthbar built into the ui?
similar to Reddit's old healthbar that showed how much "Gifted Gold" they needed to pay server\labor costs.

oh nice, ive never heard of pea protein before. I’ve been making so much of the same pasta lately

nice ive been needing to learn more spicy things to cook

whoa never heard of that i should try it. Do you eat them with something else or just eat them alone as a snack?

What do you usually cook for dinner?
Looking for new things to start cooking

ok its set to be open so anyone can make a community. i just want the names to not have _ lol. So its more convenient to type on mobile etc without searching for _

Do you see comments too?

Ok, can do. Should we have some sort of voting threshold or something for suggestions in general? Btw there’s a /c/thesuggestions community.

All the display names currently have spaces already

A good article about the DIY Corsi-Rosenthal Box that is being used more in classrooms as DIY and open source enthusiasts share their builds and the creators motivate others on twitter to build them to protect against Covid and other airborne illnesses. here's a website that includes lesson plans for teacher who want to build them as a lesson in class for different age ranges, as well as convenient kits and general information.


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