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That is an excellent blog, loved this one too: Thanks for showing it to me.

Tonight, made some grinded beets with roasted garlic and nut.yeast and pea protein on pasta.

Accidentally posted in Lobby but I meant to post in Studio, it looks like I can’t edit the community in which I shared it.

I’m glad you like the links :)

It’s been a ton of fun to poke at it, I’ve updated the emulator to the latest SDK, but I’ve broken the APU in the process somehow, I’ll go through this. But yes, the standardisation of monochromatic color values is great! It came about when I was running the roms on the arduino.

I’m starting to have a handful of roms that work in monochromatic mode atm, if you ever need to some to test, lemme know ;) I’d love to hear about your monochromatic adventures! you also have one of those fancy SHARP memory displays too!