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Link to the paper in the README is wrong but can be found it instead: http://personales.upv.es/gvidal/german/lopstr16b/paper.pdf

I’m not sure how the different Common Lisp implementation do it. In Erlang you have old code and new code. You can transform your data from old code to new code with a function. No need for deduction, it’s explicitly done by the programmer. Threads do not need to be paused: new invocations of functions are using the new code, old code still running old functions run the old code. At some point you need to ensure that no old code is running at all before making a new code swap.

In practice this is rarely used outside of embedded systems.

I love the different perspective that Chas Emerick brings with OCaml. He has a Lisp background so it’s even more interesting.

Famous Programers on How Common Lisp Sucks
Interesting quotes. I'm not posting this to troll, I love Lisps.

One little website that has more information than the web itself :-). Check the depth on the color theory, or a presentation on Wittgenstein? or maybe something on genes? https://www.handprint.com/HP/WCL/wcolor.html

These series of videos brings more historically context to better understand what is happening in our current difficult times