Janus (pseudonym by request) works at AI alignment startup Conjecture. Their hobby, which is suspiciously similar to their work, is getting GPT-3 to do interesting things.


Every time I’m at a [REDACTED], from now on, a little part of my brain is going to be nagging me that [the [REDACTED] optimizer, is] the version that achieved superintelligence, that it tiled the universe with [REDACTEDs], and that all my memories of my pre-[REDACTED] life are fakes, planted by the AI so I can [REDACTED] more effectively.

I know the feeling, I get it whenever I’m doing something that would be relevant to a history simulation (why would a simulator run the other parts? They never happened. The memories are fake), but it goes away the when I’m lying in bed or taking a dump (why would they simulate this part).

Inspiring things you wish to share or come back to.

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