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Encyclopedia of Building & Environmental Construction, Diagnosis, Maintenance & Repair

> Effectively, Musk’s acquisition of Twitter returns us to the 1980s, when the chief communications media were entirely controlled by big corporations. The difference is that today’s technologies are participatory rather than unidirectional: rather than simply seeing newscasters and celebrities, we see representations of each other, carefully curated by those who run the platforms. If anything, this makes the pretensions of social media to represent the wishes of society as a whole more insidiously persuasive than the spectacles of network television could ever be.

DEF CON 19 - Richard Thieme - Staring into the Abyss
A fascinating talk about... well, society and politics in general, but with a focus on the security industry.

The way to make selfies, I tell you.

Link to the paper in the README is wrong but can be found it instead:

Against Access
The best text about accessibility I've read in a year

A simple, yet impressive idea of how to solve important problems in programming language design. Austral compiler emits C, and you know what that means.

Simplicity and Survival
Devine linked it in a comment, I thought it is worth being a post

A New Old Idea - System Stack
Good design, typography btw

How will the fediverse pay the bills when it is 10x bigger? – WP2Smol demo
There is no direct answer in the article, of course.

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